Montreal, Canada - TAP Art Space proudly presents a two-person exhibition titled Energetic Maps, which includes the compelling works of artists John Chae and Petra Szilagyi.

In the contemporary context where individuals are consumed with crafting their own stories, we often overlook the importance of listening to our own bodies. John Chae and Petra Szilagyi use striking visual imagery to highlight our bodies as conduits of energy. Their exploration of the mapping of these bodies, and the impact of history, empathy, and psychology, reveals the intricate connections between our thoughts, experiences, and overall existence. John Chae's paintings investigate how identity functions in relation to ideology. His mixed media pieces incorporate garments and organic forms to create textured, layered works that evoke natural landscapes and energetic movement. Petra Szilagyi's works consist of torsos carved out of timber. Through their sculptures, they research the energetic potential development of the internet as a spiritual entity and how it may be influenced by the technologies of nature and folklore.

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